Hi-Tech Spy Gears

The advancement in technology has helped advance the development of spy gears to become better and easier to hide. Two hi-tech developments in spy surveillance have something to do with cell phones and GPS tracking, even if these two gadgets have been around for sometime, but the advancements are into cell phone bugs and the Spy Matrix GPS. Mini GPS trackers may now be installed in cell phones, which can be useful in tracking a lost friend or member of a family by simply tracking where the cell phone is located.

Other developments on cell phones as a form of spy gear has become very sophisticated, in the sense that you can use a special cell phone that will allow you to listen in on other people's conversations. By using the phone bug and giving this to whomever you want to listen in on, whenever they make a call or someone else is calling her/him, the phone you carry will also ring and you can hear the whole conversation. The wonderful thing about this device is that the phone actually works like a regular cell phone.

Spy Matrix GPS is the smallest real time tracker to date and considered the ultimate in global positioning tracking spy gear. Heavily used by the CIA, Spy Matrix GPS covers one of the best mapping systems on the market. It is so small that it can fit anywhere, can be easily hidden in the car so even a thief won't even have knowledge about its location in the car, and it has the advantage of being more portable than any other tracking systems.

Due to the spy bugging devices that are easily found in the market, new developments in counter spying has come out, such as a counter-spy product, like a bug detecting device, which can immediately signal to the owner if he/she is being bugged from a hidden listening device or hidden wireless video planted somewhere in the room. This new developed device is portable, in pocket size, solid quality, reliable and simple to use. Look up spy cam glasses online as well.

But the latest and most advanced in spy gear  is actually the spy software, which comes in many applications, but generally has the following capabilities: can secretly record all computer activities, including emails sent and received, websites visited, keystrokes and passwords of all programs/websites including the social media accounts; can monitor online IM conversations, including MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc.; takes screen snapshots at set intervals; you can view logs from anywhere at anytime, as if you're looking at the computer monitor over the shoulder of the person you are spying.

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